Come Down..

Ok, so I promised I would update this as often as I could, but I have failed MISERABLY . apologies..

I’ll get you up to speed of what has happened in the past few weeks, first off I’ll start with the UK tour which i did with Dave Hughes back in July/August. We played in Edinburgh, Dundee, Manchester, Bristol, Tipton, Brighton, Cardiff, Great Barr, Nottingham and London. All of which where brilliant, but if I had to choose I’d say the Manchester, Tipton and Nottingham shows where the best for me. it was fun

When I got back from the UK I had a gig in Newbridge, Kildare that was put on by Barry Gruff Music Blog and it went down a storm, really good crowd there, the set was recorded and can be downloaded here. Here’s a video from the night :

And so brings me to my next bit of news., a good buddy of mine you may know, a man who goes by the name of Frank Turner  recently done an tour of Ireland and I was lucky enough to be given the chance to be the support act for this tour! pretty good huh? We hit up Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Belfast and Dublin. It was a great week of gigs, and something that I don’t take lightly, I am very lucky to be given the opportunity. Thanks to all the people who came early and seen my set and bought CD’s, I am now sold out of them! but don’t fret you can download it here ! and also have another batch in the making, so for those who want a physical copy they’ll be back in a few weeks! To close off the tour Mr. Turner invited me up on stage to perform with him and the sleeping souls, playing the end of ‘Photosynthesis’ and my good friend Ciaran Mangan caught it on tape and here it is for your eyes!

To round up, right now i’m on a post tour come down, feeling the effects in my bones! but it was worth it, and cannot wait to get on the road again. SOON! keep an eye out for gigs!



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