Thirsty Tuesday

hello world, how are we getting on? good I hope!

Right, I’ve got a few things to talk about today. First been the EP, yesterday I posted up one of the tracks from the EP online, the track’s called “You Stole Today” and you can hear it right here enjoy!

Secondly, next week the EP “It’s Never Too Late” will be released! hurrah! I’ll be doing two gigs that day, to promote it and the gigs are as follows

– 3pm, Tower Records, Wicklow Street (Solo Insotre) FREE
– 8pm, The Lower Deck, Portebello, (Launch show with full band) E7, entry includes copy of the EP!!

So if you are around please stop by to say hello and rock out!
Here’s a poster:
EP launch poster by Peter Cooney

All the artwork is done and being printed as I type, my good friend  Peter  did all the design for it, and you can have a look at it right here . BIG thank you to him for all of his help!

Right, finally, last night I was in the International Bar in Dublin at the Glor Sessions, run by Stephen James Smith , and I sang a few songs and you can view them right here My set starts just after the 5 minute mark, so have a look at that if ya get a chance.

Right, I think there’s enough link’s in there for you to enjoy,
Keep well

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