Come Down..

Ok, so I promised I would update this as often as I could, but I have failed MISERABLY . apologies..

I’ll get you up to speed of what has happened in the past few weeks, first off I’ll start with the UK tour which i did with Dave Hughes back in July/August. We played in Edinburgh, Dundee, Manchester, Bristol, Tipton, Brighton, Cardiff, Great Barr, Nottingham and London. All of which where brilliant, but if I had to choose I’d say the Manchester, Tipton and Nottingham shows where the best for me. it was fun

When I got back from the UK I had a gig in Newbridge, Kildare that was put on by Barry Gruff Music Blog and it went down a storm, really good crowd there, the set was recorded and can be downloaded here. Here’s a video from the night :

And so brings me to my next bit of news., a good buddy of mine you may know, a man who goes by the name of Frank Turner  recently done an tour of Ireland and I was lucky enough to be given the chance to be the support act for this tour! pretty good huh? We hit up Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Belfast and Dublin. It was a great week of gigs, and something that I don’t take lightly, I am very lucky to be given the opportunity. Thanks to all the people who came early and seen my set and bought CD’s, I am now sold out of them! but don’t fret you can download it here ! and also have another batch in the making, so for those who want a physical copy they’ll be back in a few weeks! To close off the tour Mr. Turner invited me up on stage to perform with him and the sleeping souls, playing the end of ‘Photosynthesis’ and my good friend Ciaran Mangan caught it on tape and here it is for your eyes!

To round up, right now i’m on a post tour come down, feeling the effects in my bones! but it was worth it, and cannot wait to get on the road again. SOON! keep an eye out for gigs!



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UK Tour

How are we keeping??
Next week see’s me travel to the UK for my first EVER tour! I’m dead excited to be getting myself out there, make new friends, and play my songs to some lovely people. I’ll be hitting the road next Thursday morning, with a flight to Glasgow, and tour kicks off the next Day in The Blind Poet in Edinburgh and works it’s way down to London where we finish up on August 5th. I’ll be joined by Dave Hughes, so check him out!!

I’ll be uploading a picture daily(or almost) over the course of the tour, and maybe a video diary or 2 at the end!

here’s the dates!!

22/07 Edinburgh, Blind Poet
23/07 Durham, Full Throttle Festival
24/07 Glasgow, TBC
26/07 Manchester, The Garratt
27/07 Bristol, Mother’s Ruin
28/07 Tipton, Barge & Barrel
01/08 Brighton, The Highdrant
02/08 Cardiff, The Buffalo Lounge 
03/08 Great Barr, Castle Addis
04/08 Nottingham (Beeston), The Greyhound
05/08 Camden, The Wheelbarrow

If you can make it to any of the shows that would be great, come and say hello!!

In the meantime, if you haven’t already got it, you can download my EP from my Bandcamp site

Take Care!!


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Thirsty Tuesday

hello world, how are we getting on? good I hope!

Right, I’ve got a few things to talk about today. First been the EP, yesterday I posted up one of the tracks from the EP online, the track’s called “You Stole Today” and you can hear it right here enjoy!

Secondly, next week the EP “It’s Never Too Late” will be released! hurrah! I’ll be doing two gigs that day, to promote it and the gigs are as follows

– 3pm, Tower Records, Wicklow Street (Solo Insotre) FREE
– 8pm, The Lower Deck, Portebello, (Launch show with full band) E7, entry includes copy of the EP!!

So if you are around please stop by to say hello and rock out!
Here’s a poster:
EP launch poster by Peter Cooney

All the artwork is done and being printed as I type, my good friend  Peter  did all the design for it, and you can have a look at it right here . BIG thank you to him for all of his help!

Right, finally, last night I was in the International Bar in Dublin at the Glor Sessions, run by Stephen James Smith , and I sang a few songs and you can view them right here My set starts just after the 5 minute mark, so have a look at that if ya get a chance.

Right, I think there’s enough link’s in there for you to enjoy,
Keep well

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Virgin Blogger

So blogs, eh?

I decided to get my finger out and start being a bit more productive with my time.So this blog is gonna be a collective of all things me, be it music, weather,family,friends etc.. general banter, you get it? of course you do.
After spending the day with my good friend Sara she helped me out with a few things involving the interweb and music sthuff, including this! so a big thanks to her.. THANKS!!

I’m gonna update this as often as I can, so stick around!!

Oh I almost forgot,i’ll be playing an instore at Tower Records, Wicklow Street on Friday May 20th at 3pm, the day my EP “It’s Never Too Late” is out,so if you happen to be around on that day, pop in!

talk to you all soon

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